• Graduation validation

    All high school principals and assistant principals / Deadline: Through June 10

    Please ensure that all staff members are advised of the following dates for high school seniors:

    Exams and grade entry
    • May 18: Posting window opens 
    • May 22 to 24: Senior final exams 
    • May 25: Make-up day for final exams 
    • May 25: Posting window closes 
    • May 26 to June 1: Senior report card distribution 
    Graduation dates and attendance requirements
    • May 25: Official graduation date 
    • May 25: End date and last day of required attendance for graduates 
    • May 30: Deadline for schools to certify graduates 
    • May 26 to June 2: Graduation validation 
    • June 1 to 10: Graduation ceremonies 
    Please note that graduates are expected to attend school through Thursday, May 25. All students who will not graduate in June are expected to attend school through Tuesday, June 13. Schools must take accurate attendance for non-graduates through June 13. Principals are required to complete the graduation validation process prior to holding graduation ceremonies. Please refer to the Step-by-Step Graduation Validation Guide to accurately graduate your seniors.

    High school seniors not eligible for graduation, according to Infinite Campus as of Thursday, May 25, should continue to attend their scheduled courses for the duration of the school year. This includes seniors needing to complete Biology and Government Bridge projects. Any Biology or Government Bridge projects completed after the April 30 Bridge scoring deadline will be scored during the summer months. The Bridge scoring deadline for previously rejected Bridge projects is Wednesday, May 10. Remaining Bridge projects will be scored through Wednesday, May 17.

    Students who meet graduation requirements after May 25 but prior to the end of the school year, may graduate in August without attending summer school. Please review the High School Promotion and Graduation Requirements for more information.

    In addition, the SRC-3 “Green Card” transcript report must be downloaded, printed, and saved in a student’s cumulative record folder as it provides additional details on the graduation status of the student (e.g., how the student met her or his HSA requirement). Additional guidance will be provided in an upcoming Leadership Action Update.

    Principals should work with guidance counselors to determine if seniors’ HSAs and service learning hours are current in Infinite Campus and make updates as needed to prepare for graduation. Please use the March ILT tool and high school student level ILT tool (available on Principal’s Dashboard) in identifying students and determining which elements remain for completion in order for those students to graduate on time.

    HSA waivers are being accepted through Friday, April 28. For assistance with HSAs and the High School Assessment waiver process, contact Carol Wilson at CWilson@bcps.k12.md.us.

    For Graduation Status Report (GSR) errors, send a list of the courses and course codes flagging incorrectly to Matt Griffin at MRGriffin@bcps.k12.md.us.

    For questions, email Justin Nalley in the Achievement and Accountability Office at JRNalley@bcps.k12.md.us.
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