• Transportation Translog entry and procedures

    All principals, assistant principals, IEP Chairs, School Transportation Coordinators and ILEDs / Deadline: May 1
    Translog is the City Schools method for documentation of the implementation and delivery of the related service of transportation as mandated by the student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for those who receive transportation as a Related Service with a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).
    School Transportation Coordinators are required to enter bus and cab arrival/departure times into Translog on a daily basis and should meet with IEP chairs to develop a process to track students receiving transportation as a related service and any late bus/cab arrivals as specified in your School Management Plan for Special Education.
    Compliance with daily Translog data entry is a requirement of Federal and State law as well as a City Schools policy. If your school has not been entering all bus/cab arrivals into Translog, all data must be entered no later than Monday, May 1.
    If your staff requires additional training in accessing and/or inputting Translog data or if your school is experiencing consistent issues with late transportation, contact the Pupil Transportation – Customer Care department at 410-396-7440. For questions regarding the process or the schedule for Translog entry, contact the Special Education Monitoring and Compliance department at 443-642-3830.
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