• Updating delayed-opening and early-dismissal schedules and practices

    All principals and assistant principals

    Inclement weather and school closings, delays, and early dismissal procedures have been updated. Please encourage your staff to review the updates here.

    School leaders should also review and update their school’s schedules in the event that a delayed opening or early dismissal is necessary because of inclement weather. Please keep in mind the following:

    1. Many students rely on the district for breakfast and lunch.
    2. Principals are responsible for ensuring students are safe from the elements when school is dismissed early.
    3. Principals are responsible for clearly communicating the school’s hours and arrangements for supervision before and after school.
    4. Principals should use discretion and observe union guidelines when increasing supervision time based on the availability of staff and volunteers and the individual needs of families.

    Please consult the following Board policies for more information:
    Click here for other items in the January 12, 2017 Leadership Action Update.