Meet City Schools: Alice Fitts

  • December 1, 2016

    Alice Witts Alice Fitts

    School Counselor
    I have been a Baltimore City Public Schools employee since 1989. I am the school counselor at Stadium Middle School and Booker T. Washington Middle School. My role is to provide services that motivate, inspire, empower, and encourage students to work for excellence in academics and career planning, and in their personal, social and psychological development as they become positive and productive citizens in the 21st century. Also, opportunities are provided for students to establish personal emotional balance and an interest and aptitude in career building. I call my program, “Mapping a Career Path to Success.”  
    I graduated from Morgan State University with a bachelors degree and from Towson University with a masters degree.
    Before I was employed by Baltimore City Schools, I was a full-time wife, mother of four children, and college student.
    My favorite book is the Holy Bible.
    The best thing I like about my job is that it provides me with the opportunity to help others to maximize their potential in becoming their best.

    My story...
    My heart has been so into serving Baltimore City Public School students as a school counselor for the past 28 years. It has been a joy providing strategies for students to acquire knowledge and skills that contribute to effective learning in the classroom and to successful career paths.
    As a counselor, I provide the opportunity for students to develop positive communication, decision-making, life skills and character values. I emphasize treating others with the respect they want for themselves. I teach students how to develop a positive attitude towards self, and others. Intervention and prevention are also integrated in helping students to achieve and succeed. Early identification and intervention for students with personal, social psychological and academic needs are very essential in removing barriers that hinder progress.
    I look forward to starting each day in hopes of helping students make the right decisions that will help them to succeed. It is a labor of love because each student deserves the best.