Staff Report: Muffins at Montessori

  • Submitted by: Nicole Johnson, Budget Analyst 

    Nicole selfie with student I had the very special honor of joining Baltimore Montessori Public Charter School’s Muffins at Montessori event, part of American Education Week.

    Students, staff, parents, partners, and community members came together to talk with each other and plan for upcoming projects.  Everyone was treated to delicious, freshly made muffins baked by the students in the student kitchen and music played by the student band!

    I enjoyed meeting the students, parents and staff and seeing their enthusiasm about learning and being a part of the Montessori program.  When I entered the building, I was greeted by several students. One student, Lyric was particularly charming.  It was wonderful to see so many eager, well-mannered, professional and sincere young people.  Today, I met America’s future leaders. 

    This was an exciting visit and I look forward to visiting these students in the future!

     Student band playing  Students at greeting table  Students cooking in kitchen