Board Policies and Administrative Regulations

State law provides that the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners, with the advice of the CEO, determines the district's educational, management, maintenance, and operational policies.  Board policies are aligned with the Board's mission and goals, as well as with applicable federal and state laws.

  • The Board exercises its leadership role through the formulation and adoption of policy. Board policies guide the overall philosophy behind and development of educational and operational programs of City Schools.  Policies answer the “what” and “why” questions.
  • The CEO exercises a leadership role through the formulation and adoption of administration regulations that guide the overall implementation of educational and operational programs.  Regulations answer the “how” questions.

Current policies and regulations can be accessed through Boarddocs link opens new window. They are organized in 12 sections:

Section A – Foundations and Basic Commitments
Section B – School Board Governance and Operations
Section C – General School Administration
Section D – Fiscal Management
Section E – Support Services
Section F – Facilities Planning and Development
Section G – Personnel
Section H – Negotiations
Section I – Instruction
Section J – Students
Section K – School, Community, and Home Relations
Section L – Education and Agency Relations

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee develops, reviews, and revises various Board policies to support excellence in teaching and learning for every student in every classroom and to meet state and federal regulations for education. The committee does this by reviewing existing policies on a regular basis to ensure their alignment with the mission and vision of City Schools, recommending revisions when necessary to sustain the strategic organizational direction and goals of the district.

The Policy Committee is also responsible for monitoring the Board policy-making process to ensure it is open, accessible, transparent, and responsive to the educational needs of our students.

Policy Committee meetings

The Policy Committee meets in open session generally on the third Tuesday of the month from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the district's administration office (200 E. North Ave.), in the first floor Board room. Although public comment is not taken during committee meetings, the public may attend to observe the deliberative process. Also, written public comment on a policy under consideration is typically accepted up to 30 days after the Policy Committee meeting at which that policy was presented. Note that the Board reserves the right to reschedule meetings as needed.

Policy development and review

The Board believes that effective and strong leadership is best supported by a consistent, open, and comprehensive policy development process, as described below. (Note that the Board may alter or suspend these procedures with a majority vote.)

Policy Development and Review Process