• 2016-17 State Board graduation updates

    High school principals and assistant principals

    The Maryland State Board of Education passed legislative updates to the COMAR 13A.03.02 Graduation Requirements for Public High Schools in Maryland. Following is the guidance that was received from MSDE:
    • PARCC passing score: 725 has been identified as the passing score for PARCC Algebra I and English 10 for students taking these tests for the first time this year.
    • Biology HSA graduation requirement: The State Board changed the graduation assessment requirement for the High School Assessment (HSA) in biology from achieving a “passing score” to “participation only.” As a result, students completing the biology course this year must participate in the Biology HSA to meet the MSDE Biology HSA graduation requirement. There is no requirement to achieve a minimum score.

    Current seniors who passed the biology course prior to the 2016-17 school year but failed the biology HSA can choose one of two options to meet the MSDE biology HSA graduation requirement.
    • Option 1: Participate in Biology HSA again this year to qualify for the participation-only requirement
    • Option 2: Complete the biology bridge process
    Other assessment requirements for current seniors are unchanged, remaining as follows:
    • Pass the Algebra I course and have a score for the Algebra I HSA or PARCC ALG I exam
    • Pass the English II course and have a score for the English HSA or PARCC ELA 10 exam
    • Pass the Government course and pass the Government HSA or complete bridge projects

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    Schools will be informed if updates to the above guidance are received from MSDE.

    For questions, email Ryan Jones at rcjones01@bcps.k12.md.us in the Achievement and Accountability Office or Ronda Welsh at rwelsh@bcps.k12.md.us in the Academics Office.
    Click here for the online version of the November 3, 2016 Leadership Action Update.