• Identifying gifted and talented students

    Elementary school principals and assistant principals / Deadline: October 31

    From November 1 to December 22, all 2nd-grade students will take the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT2) to identify gifted and talented students. The 30-minute test evaluates students from diverse populations, including those who may speak different languages or come from different cultures. Scores are provided immediately.

    Please backpack home the parent/guardian letter in English or Spanish by Monday, October 31. Copies have been provided via interoffice mail and school test coordinators have received guidance via the STC Office 365 site. Please note:
    • Grade 2 students at gifted and advanced learning sites will not test this year
    • Certificate track students are invited, but not required, to participate
    • Like other diagnostic tests, this test does not include any accommodations.
    • Spanish directions are available for teachers assessing English learners
    For questions, contact Dennis Jutras at djutras@bcps.k12.md.us in the Teaching and Learning department.
    Click here for the online version of the October 20, 2016 Leadership Action Update.