Coverage for Eligible Dependents

  • Those listed below are generally considered to be eligible dependents. The indicated documentation must be provided to prove the dependent relationship. (Copies of documents are acceptable, as long as they are clearly legible.)

    Relationship to covered employee

    Documentation required to verify relationship

    Spouse Marriage certificate and, if married longer than 12 months, tax return filed within the past two years showing same address for spouse and employee 
    Dependent child (by birth)* Birth certificate
    Dependent child (by adoption or guardianship)* Birth certificate and official court documents
    Stepchild* Birth certificate, marriage certificate
    Disabled dependent Birth certificate, completed disabled dependent waiver request (PDF file) (note that the dependent must be covered under the plan prior to age 19)

    * Dependent children can be covered up to the month that they turn 26 years of age.

    How do I enroll my dependents?

    Dependents can be enrolled during the annual open enrollment period. Watch for information about open enrollment in the postal mail and by email each fall.

    Dependents can also be added after a "life change" event — for example, a marriage or birth or adoption of a child. In these circumstances, contact the benefits team in the Human Capital Office for information on how to update your coverage.