General Orders Manual

Approved by the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners on April 23, 2013.

Police Shield

The following items represent the published directives and expectations for the Baltimore City School Police Force. They are focused and designed to ensure integrity and professionalism from all personnel within the department.

Section A. Written Directives

Section B. Organization

Section C. Rules and Regulations

Section D. Direction, Planning, Inspections, Education and Training

Section E. Calls for Police Services: Communications and Field Reporting

Section F. Special Field Operations Procedures

Section G. Criminal Investigative Procedures

Section H. Citizen Contact Procedures

Section I. Evidential and Other Nondepartmental Property

Section J. Departmental Property

Section K. Personnel Administration

Section L. Fiscal Management

Section M. General Administrative Procedures

Section N. Domestic Violence

Note: The material in the above linked documents is adapted from multiple sources.