• Student enrollment verification

    All principals and assistant principals / Deadline: October 24 

    Principals are responsible for verifying the enrollment and attendance status of students enrolled in Infinite Campus based on the MSDE funding criteria. Principals will be held accountable for the accuracy of the data.

    On Tuesday, October 4, a spreadsheet of all students eligible for funding according to MSDE funding criteria will be posted on Principal’s Dashboard with a sign-off form for your school. Please review that spreadsheet and complete the steps in this process document by Monday, October 24. Your submission must include:
    • A completed spreadsheet and sign-off form
    • Corrections made in Infinite Campus (if necessary)
    • Completed “Withdrawal Due Diligence Process” paperwork (if necessary)
    For questions, email the Achievement and Accountability Office at dataquality@bcps.k12.md.us.
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