• Data quality deliverables

    All principals and assistant principals / Deadline: October 21
    To ensure appropriate focus on key data areas while working with data quality contacts (prior to MSDE report submissions), school leaders should note the following checkpoints:
    • Tuesday, October 4: Student enrollment verification process 
    • Friday, October 14: Hanging T13 
    • Monday, October 17: Duplicate enrollments 
    Schools should also continue to process enrollment and immunization records and complete the required data quality training located on TSS-Blackboard. This training covers data quality, data quality checkpoints, and the student enrollment verification process.
    The following data-cleansing reports can be found on eWeb:
    • Report 12: Aging T10
    • Report 37: Missing schedule/homeroom, or schedule date different from enroll date
    • Report 63: No-show student list
    • Report 100: Scheduled course with missing/invalid teacher assignment
    • Report 109: Missing or invalid student demographics/active and inactive students
    • Report 110: Missing schedules for active and inactive students
    • Report 112: Unsubmitted attendance year-to-date
    • Report 121: Students in grades 1-8 missing promotion gateway courses
    • Report 128: Student missing middle name or has only middle initial
    For questions, email the data quality team at dataquality@bcps.k12.md.us in the Achievement and Accountability Office. 
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