***Please note:  Effective July 1, 2017, external courses must be submitted for AUs within 90 days of the final day of the course in order to earn those AUs.***

    Achievement Units (AUs) are similar to credits and are available to all teacher-level BTU Professionals for the knowledge and skills they have acquired. AUs exemplify the vision that instructional excellence is an important factor in student achievement. Accumulating AUs places professional growth and attainment in the hands of the professional. Accruing twelve AUs enables BTU Professionals to move one interval along the career pathway. There are several ways to accrue AUs through mac range of achievements and activities, such as:
    Achievement Units awarded for projects, menu activities and other approved activities are earned in lieu of stipends and participation in these activities must occur during uncompensated times - (i.e. outside of the school day.)



    PLEASE NOTE: CEUs and MSDE Credits do not convert to Achievement Units. Prior leadership or school activities will not count as AUs.

    For additional information on AUs, please refer to the FAQ.