• Grade 6 Math Syllabus

    Mrs. Conyers



    Dear Students and Families,


    Welcome to my 6th grade class! I want to share some information and expectations with you regarding the current school year related to math class. I’m excited to have the opportunity to get to know you and looking forward to a fun and productive school year.


    Throughout the school year students will be assessed using the Common Core State Standards. BCPSS has adopted a new math curriculum aligned with the standards called SpringBoard Mathematics. Both AA and GE classes will be supplementing SpringBoard with the IXL online program to target skill work in needed areas.


    During the course of the year a wide range of topics will be covered! We will explore rational numbers, operations involving integers, ratios and proportions, geometry, and also explore many more subjects such as pre-algebra! In 6th grade the workload will be rigorous and challenging, but also fun and exciting!


    Each student should (already) have:

    -          (1) composition GRAPH PAPER notebook (No spiral notebooks! Can be purchased at Staples)

    -          (1) agenda book for assignments

    -          (1) homework folder

    -          (1) small pencil sharpener

    -          (2 or more) sharpened pencils

    -          (1) inch/centimeter ruler



    Assessments will be given on a weekly/biweekly basis and according to the unit under study.

    Students that are unhappy with a given assessment grade have the opportunity to “make up” that assessment. They will need to schedule a lunch period to receive help on incorrect answers. A student can receive a maximum of half of the points that they originally missed if they correct all previous answers and show work.


    For example, if a student received a 76/100 on an original assessment, they missed 24 points. If they elect to spend a lunch period(s) correcting their mistakes, they can earn up to 12 points (half of 24) towards their original score. This would raise their assessment grade to an 88/100 (76 + 12 = 88).


    During this process students are allowed to use their classroom notebooks, homework, teachers, etc. The purpose is to encourage and help students to learn and understand the math material that they originally struggled with on the assessment and to learn from their mistakes!


    Homework is assigned regularly (including weekends) as a Springboard and/or IXL assignment. The assignment and due date will always be posted on the whiteboard in the classroom. Students will receive a 20% deduction on late assignments for the first two days. After two days, late homework will not be accepted for credit. (This does not apply to absent students.) Occasional extra credit will be given to replace missing homework assignments.

    Grading Policy

    Grades are updated in Infinite Campus approximately every ten to fourteen days and calculated as follows:

                Class work                  25%                             Projects                       25%

    Tests                            20%                             Homework                  10%

    Participation               10%                             Quizzes                       10%

    Attendance Policy

    When students are absent they are responsible for collecting and completing all work that they will miss. They will have the amount of time they were absent to complete missing assignments. It is imperative that all work be completed so that students don’t fall behind!


    If there is a substitute in our classroom the class work for that day will be collected by the substitute and graded as a quiz. Students must be on task with any adult who is in the classroom!


    Coach Class

    Math Coach Class will be every Tuesday with me from 3:05-4:00pm. Please be sure to come if you don’t understand something or need a quiet place to make-up an assignment.


    I look forward to meeting all of the families and getting to know all of the students this year! If you have any questions and/or concerns, please feel free to contact me via email.






    Mrs. Conyers