• Enrollment and attendance update 

    All principals and assistant principals /Deadline: Ongoing
    Congratulations to the two winners for the largest increases in end-of-year attendance for SY 2015-16.
    • Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts improved 5% from 75.8% to 80.8%
    • Steuart Hill Academic Academy improved 3.2% from 91.9% to 95.1%
    Although the start-of-year student transfer window has closed, schools can email their enrollment and attendance specialist with questions regarding student placements. (Please note that students should only be given transfers if there are special circumstances.) General questions relating to attendance or attendance plans can be sent to your school support liaison.

    The table below lists the staff assigned to each Community Learning Network who will support schools around climate, enrollment, and attendance concerns. Additionally, they will be available to attend meetings, facilitate or arrange trainings and provide on-going support.

    Community Learning Network

    Enrollment and attendance specialist/contact

    School support liaison


    Dominick Bivens

    Adrienne Gordon


    Sharone Brinkley-Parker

    Paula Redman


    Sherri West-Barber

    Mike Revell


    Dominick Bivens

    Ayanna Moo Young


    Trevor Roberts

    Nicole Miller


    Karl Starks

    Abigail Ritter


    Susan Saffold (Monroe)

    Melikka Davis


    Sherri West-Barber

    Urender Hudson


    Terrance Harris

    Tanya Williams


    Ernest Miles

    Veronica Harris

    Alternative option inquiries should be directed to the Specialized Services department.