• Update: Assessment and climate data for the 2016-17 student roster

    All principals / Deadline: Ongoing
    Beginning Thursday, August 25, principals have refreshed 2016-17 incoming student-level files on Principal’s Dashboard with academic and climate data for students enrolled at their school per Infinite Campus as of August 22, 2016. The purpose of providing this comprehensive data set to school leaders is to help inform course scheduling, development of program initiatives, and curriculum and instructional planning. Please review these additional details about data points represented.
    The files contain the following updates:
    • Student roster from Infinite Campus as of August 22 
    • SY 2015-16 PARCC scores 
    • For high schools: SY 2016-17 transition course requirements and current enrollment in a transition course (if applicable)
          Note: The transition course flag is based on the alignment of available assessment data to the criteria set by MSDE regarding       participation in a transition course. In addition, there is a flag to indicate if the student currently is enrolled in a transition course in       Infinite Campus as of August 22. These data are preliminary and principals should review the data set to confirm that 1) students       require transition courses and 2) transition course enrollments for students are recorded in Infinite Campus.
    In addition, please review this guide containing recommendations for how to use the incoming student-level file. Scenarios in the guide cover
    1. Students with attendance concerns in SY 2015-16 
    2. Students with attendance, behavioral, and course concerns (early warning indicators) in SY 2015-16 
    3. High school students needing to enroll in a college readiness transitional course and/or who have been enrolled in a college readiness transitional course 
    4. Students at grade level based on i-Ready Window 3 results from SY 2015-16 
    For questions about the data included or about formatting and applying the data, please contact Daniel Heller at DEHeller@bcps.k12.md.us for CLNs 1-7 and Nelson Vasconcelos at NRVasconcelos@bcps.k12.md.us for CLNs 8-10.