• Early learning assessments for students with IEPs 

    All principals / Deadline: Ongoing
    Please be sure your IEP chairs, pre-K teachers, related service providers, and special educators are aware of the upcoming deadlines for MSDE’s early learning assessments for students with IEPs.

    MSDE is gradually replacing their ECAS Work Sampling System with the Child Outcome Summary (COS). However, we are in a period where both are still due. Which one is completed depends on when IEP services were initiated.
    COS Entry scores: Due when any initial IEP is developed for a preschool-aged child (will be 4 or younger on September 1, 2017). The COS is embedded into MD Online-IEP. The MDOIEP will not allow an IEP for a preschool-aged child to close if the COS rating has not been completed.
    COS Interim scores: Due at the annual review meeting for any child who is preK-aged or younger, if the annual review will be held prior to May 2016.
    COS exit scores: Due by June 9 for current pre-k students who received their first IEP on or after July 1, 2015. The COS is embedded into MD Online-IEP. Meetings can be scheduled in May and June but the scheduled date must be at least six months from the date of the initial IEP. Because of this six-month rule, you are exempt from providing exit COS on pre-k students whose initial IEP was after December 10, 2016.
    ECAS exit data: Due by May 15 for current kindergarten students who received their initial IEP before July 1, 2015. This ECAS work sampling is not embedded in Online-IEP, but can be accessed through http://mdecas.org.

    Please direct questions to early learning programs representatives Jessica Henkin at jlhenkin@bcps.k12.md.us at or Selwyn Finch at sdfinch@bcps.k12.md.us.