• Title I reminders and timelines

    All principals / Deadline: Ongoing
    Please complete the following beginning-of-the-school-year Title I activities:
    • Include the topic of Title I in your back-to-school night or annual meeting agendas and all documentation (i.e. sign-in sheets, agendas, notes/notifications, and evaluations/feedback forms) is gathered afterwards. 
    • Identify your school as a Title I Schoolwide School or a Title I Targeted Assistance School on your school’s letterhead and on all agendas and school communications. 
    • Document all of School Family Council meetings that include discussions of the 10 School-wide components requirements as outlined in your Title I plan—school-wide programs only.
    This checklist provides additional details on the required activities, associated due dates, and the resources to support completion. In addition, please review this list identifying your school’s assigned data monitoring and compliance specialist who will support your school with Title I funded activities.