• Website updating

    All Principals / Deadline: August 26
    So that families can find back-to-school information specific to your school, please ensure that your school website is up to date prior to the start of the new school year. This includes
    • Providing a “welcome to the new year” message to your school community
    • Ensuring your school webmaster reviews your site and removes any outdated, inaccurate information
    • Ensuring your webmaster posts current school-specific information (e.g., dates and times of back-to-school nights, this year’s bell schedule, uniform details, etc.)
    So that the communications team can provide appropriate support, please email communications@bcps.k12.md.us to provide the name and email address of your school’s designated webmaster by August 26. For those schools that use the district-provided SchoolWires platform for their website, training is available to webmasters to assist them in creating webpages and maintaining up-to-date content.