• Important retention of student cumulative records information

    All principals and assistant principals

    All principals need to ensure the proper maintenance of student cumulative records for ACTIVE and INACTIVE students by the start of the 2016-17 school year by following these key steps:

    1) Place all student cumulative records in a secure location within a school building – (e.g., preferred in a locked cabinet, separate room than in the main office)
    2) For active records, please use the attached cumulative record check list in reviewing the records of students currently enrolled at your school.
    3) For records of students that have transferred from your school, copies of these records must be kept for four years, after which time they should be shredded
    4) For records of inactive students, please follow the retention table below indicating the original items which the school must maintain and for how long. As a reminder, it is the school’s responsibility for maintaining HISTORICAL records.

    Form Number

    Record Title

    Retention Period

    SR 1

    Personal Data


    SR 2

    Annual Performance Data Summary, Grade Levels Prek-8

    Student – Age 21

    SR 3

    Annual Secondary School Performance, Data Summary, Grade Levels 9-12


    SR 3A


    Student – Age 21

    SR 3B

    High School Assessment Performance Summary

    Student – Age 21

    SR 4

    Test Information

    Student – Age 21

    SR 5

    Health Screening, Examinations and Evaluations

    Student – Age 21

    DHMH 896

    Immunization Records

    Five Years or Age 21 (whichever is later)

    DHMH 4260

    Blood Lead Certificate

    Five Years or Age 21 (whichever is later)

    SR 7

    Maryland Student Transfer Record

    3 Years

    Discipline Records

    Graduation or Completion of High School Program Or Age 21

    Information Required for English Language Leaners

    Graduation or Completion of High School Program Or Age 21

    Statewide Educational Interview Form

    1 Year

     For questions, please email studentrecords@bcps.k12.md.us.