• Why Does My School Need an Outside Partner? 

    With all that schools have on their plate, they just can't do it alone. Outside individuals and organizations can provide capacity, expertise, and other assistance that can fill gaps in programming and meet schools' needs. Partnerships, like any relationship, take work to manage and grow, but the benefits they can provide to schools are worth the effort!
    In true partnership, City Schools and partners both benefit. Partnerships can:
    • Provide supplemental supports and opportunities for students, families, staff, and schools;      
    • Give schools access to industry knowledge, expertise and resources that otherwise would not be available;
    • Provide external employees or stakeholders with meaningful service experiences that allow them to develop and use their skills;
    • Help individuals and organizations fulfill their commitment to social responsibility and investment in the community; and
    • Improve an organization’s standing in the community.

    Where Do We Begin?  

    The Partnerships Toolkit has been redesigned based on the input of principals and partners to better meet schools' needs.
    Thank you to the principals and partners who contributed their thoughts and feedback to make this a helpful tool.
    Use the flow chart below to find the guidance you need for any point in the partnership process. You can click on the questions that you have to direct you to the pages that will answer them. 
    How Will You Identify Your School's Needs? How Will You Formalize a New Partnership? Has Your Partner Met All City Schools Requirements? How Will You Evaluate and Sustain Your New Partnership? How Will You Find a Partner to Meet Your Identified Need? How Will You Welcome and Train Your New Partner? How Will You Fund Your New Partnership?
    The Partnerships Toolkit is a product of the Engagement Office. If you have additional questions, you can contact engagement@bcps.k12.md.us or call (443) 984-2000. You will reach the City Schools Call Center, so ask to be connected to the Engagement Office.