• Summer Programming Weather Protocol

    As aligned to Board policy and regulations, the COO, CEO designate and senior staff will make determinations based on weather forecasts, Baltimore City Health Department alerts and site inspections. Decision-making updates will be communicated to school sites via central office programmatic points of contact and supported more broadly by district communications channels to reach families as outlined in EBCD- RA (e.g., automated calls, website, media outlets).

    Systemic Programming Closure Decision

    If City Schools makes the determination that all Summer Programming will need to be cancelled due to weather related conditions, all programming, regardless of the program operator (e.g. central office, school based, partner, community organization), must close for the time period denoted.

    All 12 month employees must report; however, if building conditions are not conducive, employees may be asked to report to Central Office or PDC.

    Individual Site Based Programming Closure Decisions

    Central Office Sponsored Programs

    Every effort has been made by City Schools to ensure centrally operated summer programming takes place within buildings with air conditioning.  Should a site have an issue/concern with weather related conditions, site directors and/or school leader must notify the COO and their central office point of contact via email and utilize the link below to notify all central office departments of the specific concern so a decision can be made by City Schools. 

    This process applies to the following programs:

    • All Extended School Year (ESY)
    • K-5 Elementary Summer Academy (operated by Young Audiences and BELL)
    • Middle School Promotion (operated by BELL)
    • So You Want to Be an Engineer
    • High School Summer School
    • AP Summer Academy
    • Project Lead the Way Boot Camp
    • BioWorks
    • YouthWorks
    • BACH Fellows
    • JROTC Summer Camp

    School Based or External Operated Programs

    Should a school based or external operated program necessitate programmatic closure due to weather related conditions within a City Schools building, the school leader must ensure that all parents/guardians are notified with appropriate notice, notify the COO and their ILED via email and report the closure utilizing the link below:

    2016 Summer Programming- Weather Related Reporting Link

    School leaders should ensure that any staff member delegated the responsibility of reporting has been given permission to sign off regarding parent notification.