• Electronic evaluation system access – Extended to 6/26/16

    All supervisors (district and school based leaders) | Deadline: June 26

    In the May 12 Leadership Action Update, a reminder was posted for all supervisors that annual evaluations are due for BTU employees and non-certificated staff by June 14. Due to the technical difficulties experienced in the last week and a half, electronic evaluation systems for BTU, PSRP, CUB, Local 44, and unaffiliated employees will remain open for entry until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, June 26.

    The forms and related evaluation tasks for those employees whom you supervise must be submitted electronically using the appropriate form. As a reminder, supervisors must provide a signed and dated copy of the annual evaluation form to their employee if they are evaluated in the BCPS Non Teacher Tool.


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    Annual Evaluation: Help Guides and Forms

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    Help guide for completing and sharing the Annual Evaluation in OPMS

    Changing the Main Appraiser in OPMS

    Manager Self Service - Online Performance Management System (OPMS)


    Local 44
    Unaffiliated (GSS)

    Help guides and forms for supervisors

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    BCPS Non Teacher Tool (NTT)

    If you need technical support that the help guides on our website do not address, please email OPMS@bcps.k12.md.us