• Rectifying issues in the special education data cleansing reports

    All leaders

    As the school year comes to an end, it is imperative that all errors are corrected on the special education data cleansing reports by Tuesday, June 21. As a requirement for closing procedures for IEP teams, failure to resolve these issues in a timely manner will result in overdue meetings, delayed service provision, restrictions to a student’s access to FAPE, compliance issues in reporting to MSDE, and ultimately access to state and federal funding.

    The data cleansing reports serve as a critical internal mechanism to assist school staff in identifying data issues from Maryland Online IEP and/or SMS. There are eight Special Education reports that highlight issues with direct implications on IDEA compliance. Principals must work with their IEP team to rectify all issues immediately.

    Your school’s IEP team staff member can address the following Data Cleansing Reports on EWEB (Help guides for navigating the data cleansing report are available here ):

    For questions regarding the data cleansing reports, please email Reggie Scott in the Office of Achievement and Accountability.