• EOY Transfer of Student Records

    All principals and assistant principals | Deadline: through July 15

    The end-of-year transfer of records for students transitioning from grades 5 to 6 and from grades 8 to 9 will take place from June 27th to July 15th. Principals should communicate to their administrative staff the timeline below. Principals should also work with records managers to ensure all cumulative folders include the items required by MSDE as noted in the Required Elements Checklist, linked below.

    June 27 - July 1:

    • Schools with grades 5 and/or 8, please DELIVER cumulative records to a location determined by Office of Student Records (OSR).
    • Information regarding the delivery location will be communicated in the coming weeks. Please note that records will be reviewed to ensure that they are well-maintained and include all of the items listed on the Required Elements Checklist. Schools should review their records following this checklist prior to the delivery date to ensure accurate records.

    July 11 - 15:

    • Schools RECEIVING grades 5 and/or 8 records should pick-up their cumulative records. Information regarding the pick-up location will be communicated in the coming weeks.