• Final Infinite Campus Training Prior to Summer Enrollment Season

     All principals and assistant principals | Deadline: June 7

    The summer enrollment season is quickly approaching and student support wants to ensure that every school has a staff member that can handle enrollment tasks, and has received training on handling such tasks in Infinite Campus (IC). Therefore, we have been able to get six additional sessions to be held June 7 - June 9. The June 7 and June 8 sessions are for those who have never attended IC registration training; and the June 9 sessions are for those who have previously been trained and desire a refresher session.

    Additionally, there will be multiple open lab work sessions where you can bring applications and receive hands-on support in entering such into the system. If interested, please sign up as soon as possible - space is limited and these are the LAST training/work sessions before summer enrollment season begins (the next training sessions will occur closer to the start of the school year). This is a perfect opportunity if you (or a designee) are not yet comfortable with the IC system and/or you have a backup colleague that needs to be trained.

    Please see this attachment for more details about training session and open lab times and how to register.