• Student Transportation System (STS)

     All Leaders | Deadline: June 3

    As a replacement for our current Electronic Transportation Request (eTR) system, the Student Transportation System (STS) will launch by July 1, 2016. A web-based system, STS will provide effective and efficient means to ensure all students who require transportation receive the service without any interruptions. Transportation, area approvers, and school base users will have access to manage student transportation requests to streamline administration processes and inform stockholders.


    Registration for Student Transportation System training is now open. Instructions to register for training can be found here. Attendance at these training sessions is required for all Transportation Coordinators and is a part of School Readiness. The available training dates are June 7, June and June 9, 2016. All sessions are first come, first serve and once a session is filled, registration for that time slot is closed.