• Transportation Rollover Data SY 16-17

      All Leaders | Deadline: June 10

    Between May 23 and June 10, school transportation coordinators (or another staff member designated by the principal) must verify and approve data for students who receive transportation service under an IEP or 504 plan and for preschool students who receive transportation, to ensure they receive appropriate transportation services in 2016-17.

    For continuing students:

    • Verify/validate student records, addresses, phone numbers, schools, special accommodations, and emergency information no later than June 10.
    • Complete the “initiator’s” column in the Electronic Transportation System (eTR) and save the record

    For new students:

    • Enter into eTR as soon as possible, using the same process as for continuing students
    • For transferring/exiting students, no action is required by staff at the current school.
    For transferring students, the receiving school must complete the eTR record.