• End of year data quality deliverables

    All Principals and assistant principals | Deadline: June 3

    Your school’s data-quality staff member should address the following Data Cleansing Reports on EWEB (Help guides for each data cleansing report are available on Data Quality Contact Office 365) by June 3, 2016:

    • Data Cleansing Report #12: Aging T10
    • Data Cleansing Report #37: Missing Schedule/Homeroom or Scheduled Date Different from Enroll Date
    • Data Cleansing Report #63: No Show List
    • Data Cleansing Report #100: Schedule Course with Missing/Invalid Teacher Assignment
    • Data Cleansing Report #109: Missing or Invalid Student Demographics—Active & Inactive Students
    • Data Cleansing Report #110: Missing Schedules for Active and Inactive students
    • Data Cleansing Report #121: Students in Grades 1-8 Missing Promotion Gateway Course
    • Data Cleansing Report #126: Missing Grades
    • Data Cleansing Report #128: Students Missing Middle Names or only has Middle Initial
    • Data Cleansing Report #133: Teacher of Record—order errors

    Additionally, please have your school’s data quality staff member verify and resolve students on the following lists, located under “Reports” on the Data Quality Contact Office 365 page. Your assigned staff member will also receive detailed information on how to resolve these errors via e-mail. 

    • Transfer verification lists: These are transfers currently not acknowledged by other Maryland counties. Verifying and, if necessary, making corrections to this list prevents potential dropouts.
    • Improper course enrollment: Correcting this list ensures that students are in valid courses for their grade level

    For questions, please e-mail the Data Quality Team in the Office of Achievement and Accountability