• Now Accepting Nominations for Parent and Community Advisory Board (PCAB) Members

    All middle, middle/high, and high school principals and assistant principals, executive directors of principal support/network facilitators, district office directors/executive directors/officers | Deadline: May 31

    The Parent and Community Advisory Board (PCAB) is currently recruiting new members to fill several vacant positions on their board. The PCAB is looking for parents of City Schools’ students and community members who are eager to have a voice in shaping future policies for City Schools. The primary role of the PCAB is to advise the CEO and the Board of School Commissioners on issues that impact policies that govern Baltimore City Public Schools.

    The PCAB encourages parent and community engagement with City Schools by taking the responsibility to channel information from the community to individual commissioners, the Board of School Commissioners, and the CEO and administrators of City Schools. Some of the responsibilities include:

    • Advising on educational policies and procedures
    • Giving suggestions for the implementation of those policies and procedures
    • Assisting administration when analyzing newly proposed and/or amended policies and procedures
    • Recommending solutions to include the views of parents and community members in the creation of policies and procedures
    • Suggesting activities that encourage better communications between City Schools, parents, and the community
    • Assisting City Schools in recognizing community resources
    • Identifying key issues and concerns that affect City Schools and publicizing state and federal policies which impact City Schools

    The PCAB accomplishes all of this through regular meetings with the CEO, Board of School Commissioners, and members of the community. Their aim is to ensure that school communities – parents, families, students, and key stakeholders are represented in the decision making process.

    If you are interested in this opportunity or would like to nominate someone, please forward a resume and/or a short bio of no more than 200 words by May 31, 2016 to Monique Armstrong at mjarmstrong@bcps.k12.md.us or 410-361-9202 (fax).

    For more information about the PCAB, please email pcab@bcps.k12.md.us.