• End of Year Attendance Update

    All Principals  

    As we conclude the year and begin our testing season, improving attendance remains a top priority. Throughout this year, we have offered monthly incentives to three schools for maintaining high standards of achievement with YTD attendance as well as improving overall YTD attendance from month to month. Our district wide challenge will continue through the conclusion of the 2015-16 school year, at which time, we will have a drawing for school wide incentives for all schools improving attendance averages. There will be two grand prize winners – one in elementary and one in secondary.

    To date, half of the schools have become eligible by qualifying for the monthly attendance achievement award, but we want this opportunity to be afforded to all schools. With that in mind, please utilize the district personnel from the Office of School Supports to help provide families with resources, brainstorm activities to incentivize and acknowledge improvements, and assist with action planning to target student groups to improve attendance for all. School personnel can access the link for the Attendance Toolkit http://www.baltimorecityschools.org/attendancetoolkit in order to access guidance, implement documents and preview best practices to continue with this important work. We are all responsible for the learning outcomes of our students; let’s make EVERY DAY COUNT!