• PARCC field testing clarification for participating schools

    All Principals and Assistant Principals   |  Deadline: Through June 3 

    Based on additional guidance provided by the Maryland State Department of Education regarding this year’s PARCC ELA field testing (see March 17 Leadership Action Update), City Schools will be field testing in the grades that tested online last year (grades 4, 5, 7, and 8). Additionally, a select number of schools will also participate in field testing in grades 3, 6 and English 10 as follows:




    Maree G. Farring Elementary/Middle School

    Grades 3 and 6

    Baltimore Design School

    Grade 6 and English 10

    Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts

    English 10

    Coppin Academy

    English 10

    Edmondson-Westside High School

    English 10

    Maritime Industries Academy

    English 10

    Vivian T Thomas Medical Arts Academy

    English 10

    Western High School

    English 10


    Students participating in the field test will have additional testing time (90-minutes/grades 3-5, 110-minutes/grades 6-8 and English 10).  Because the ELA was not administered in spring 2015 to English 11 classes, these students will not participate in this field test. The 45 schools selected for the field test will need to adjust their plans to account for changes in testing for the various grade levels.  Please note that School Test Coordinators for schools affected by these changes are not required to submit a revised testing schedule; however, they will need to document these changes at the school level. 


    For questions, please email Carol Wilson in the Achievement and Accountability Office or call 410-396-8962.