• Title I compliance: Self-assesments

    All Title I principals      |      Deadline: April 30      

    Title I program self-assessments for all Title I schools are due by April 30. During the week of April 18th, you will receive a self-assessment tool from your district office Title l Point of Contact (POC) that must be used to help determine your school’s level of compliance with Title I requirements. Please note that federal law requires that all documentation, including your completed self-assessment supporting your Title I plan, must be maintained in your school’s Title l binder and available for five years. Your Title I POC will schedule a follow-up visit, before the end of May, to review your completed self-assessment and required documentation supporting your Title l program.

     For questions, please contact either Debbie Holley (443-642-4012) or Annie McIntosh (443-642-1161) in the Achievement and Accountability Office.

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