• Preparing for PARCC

    All principals  

    As school leaders prepare for the online PARCC administration (April 20 – June 3) in their schools, it is important remember the information outlined in this week’s Principal Learning Session that included the following:

    • All students must be present at their schools during State mandated testing

    • According to the Maryland State Department of Education, parents/guardians do not have the legal authority to opt their children out of statewide assessments such as HSA, MSA or PARCC

    • Students refusing to participate in statewide assessments still need to attend school, however,  

    -  Student should sit in the test room when their class is scheduled

    -  Teacher should use common sense on where to sit the student to reduce distraction to 

        other students in the testing room

    • Students who are purposefully absent or “boycotting” the statewide test will be considered unlawfully truant, and subject to discipline outlined within City Schools’ Student Code of Conduct for an unexcused absence

    • PARCC assessments required for graduation include Algebra I and English 10

    For more guidance, please see the March 3, 2016 Leadership Action Update.