• Immunizations update for 6th and 9th graders

    All principals and assistant principals       

    All school leaders should encourage school families to schedule immunizations for their students during spring break. Free immunizations can be scheduled for both school/non-school days for students either through the Baltimore City Health Department or other locations. Additionally, please note that:

    ·         6th grade students who have not received their Meningococcal and/or TDap vaccines will be out of compliance on the first day of 7th grade next year (SY16-17). Please urge those students to be properly immunized before next school year begins, and contact your School Support Liaison for more information, including the list of students who have not received these vaccines. A sample letter you can put on school letterhead and send to families of 6th graders is attached along with a flyer from the health department on these vaccines.

    ·         Please be aware that 9th grade students who are retained will also be required to receive Meningococcal and/or TDap vaccines at the start of next school year.

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