• Water coolers and bottled water maintenance logs

    All principals and assistant principals   

    As you we are aware, there's national attention pertaining to water quality. Water is considered a food source, and public health regulations require that "food contact surfaces" be properly sanitized and cleaned to protect the public health from potential exposure to infectious micro-organisms. As such, reminders are being sent to principals and facility managers regarding the "weekly protocol" to ensure water coolers are sanitized and that water bottles are cleaned prior to installing. Water coolers must be sanitized with Steramine tablets or a comparable antiseptic solution. Additionally, water bottles should be elevated off the floor at least six inches.

    Attached are "weekly sanitizing, cleaning, and maintenance" logs: One for custodians or contract cleaners and one for principals and facility managers, they are companion documents. Review with each custodian, contract cleaner, and your education facility manager. Ensure compliance weekly and that the logs are accessible for review.