• Final student data submission for teacher SLOs

    All principals  |  Deadline: March 24 

    The SLO component comprises 35% of a teacher’s SY 15-16 Teacher Effectiveness Evaluation. The data submission forms are currently available in TSS, and there are electronic resources for both teachers and principals.  

    Please work with your teachers, leadership team, and SLO Ambassador to ensure that all teachers that you supervise submit their final student data by Thursday, March 24. Teachers who do not submit all data by this deadline risk receiving a “25” on the SY 15-16 SLO portion of the Teacher Effectiveness Evaluation. 

    Reminders and Resources


    Teacher training for SLO Data Submission is available in the SLO Org on TSS


    Data Submission forms are available for data submission in the SLO Org on TSS


    Principals have access to resources and the SLO Dashboard for SLO Final Scoring


    SLO Ambassador Support Sessions

    Ongoing in March

    Principal training for SLO Final Scoring

    CLN Meetings, 3/14/16 – 3/17/16

    Final Deadline for SLO Data Submission (teachers)


    Final Deadline for SLO Final Scoring (principals)


    Please review Principals Dashboard for a status report specific to your school, which will list the status of your teachers’ SLO data submission, your final SLO scoring, and the completion rates of their 2nd Formal Observation and Professional Expectations tasks. 

    For questions, please email SLO@bcps.k12.md.us.

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