• MSDE Teacher and Principal Effectiveness Survey

    All principals  |  Deadline: April 6

    All City Schools school leaders and educators are encouraged to participate in the MSDE Teacher and Principal Effectiveness Survey by Wednesday, April 6. The purpose of this survey is to help MSDE collect feedback from school districts across Maryland about teacher and principal evaluations and is part of their annual information gathering process. All responses are anonymous and this survey should take less than 15 minutes to complete electronically through the survey link provided by the state.


    Please work with your survey coordinator and leadership team to find time during the day for employees to complete the survey. Hearing from you is critical and by participating in this survey your feedback will reach those directly involved in the implementation of the TPE system in Maryland. When you and your teachers complete this survey, your feedback will ensure that state and district leadership have a better understanding of your experience of our evaluation and its impact on your practice.

    For questions, please email the Human Capital Office.