Pre-k and Kindergarten Registration for 2017-18

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    Do you know a child turning 4 or 5 by September 1, 2017?

    The application can be downloaded here and is available at schools and the district office.
    To register at your neighborhood school, simply follow these steps: 
    1. Find your school by using the Neighborhood School Locator.
    2. Fill out the application.
    3. Gather all the paperwork you need to begin the registration process, including a birth certificate or other government-issued document showing your child’s birth date and two proofs of primary residence dated within 30 days.

      To complete registration, you will also need to show your child’s immunization record, lead test certificate, and if eligible, proof of guardianship and Individualized Education Program (IEP).

    4. Take the registration form and paperwork with you to your neighborhood school. 
    If you’re interested in applying for a charter school, contact that school directly to ask about their registration process. 
    Registering for pre-k?
    Learn about pre-k eligibility to find out when you can register.

    Registering for kindergarten?

    Important dates to keep in mind: 
    • April 24:
      • Pre-k and kindergarten registration opens 
      • Schools start enrolling Priority 1 pre-k students  
      • District office begins accepting applications for early admission

    • May 5:
      • Deadline for applying for early admission to pre-k

    • May 26:
      • Deadline for applying for early admission to kindergarten

    • August 1:
      • Schools begin enrolling Priority 2 pre-k students, where there is space 

    • September 5:
      • First day of school for all students