• Fifth year seniors January graduation requirements

    All high school principals and grant managers   |    Deadline: March 4

    MSDE’s modification to graduation requirements (i.e., specifically High School Assessment requirements), for the current school year, will require a change to the district’s January graduation validation process. City Schools is updating the transcripts and tools used by schools for monitoring graduation status completion (e.g., graduation status report, data cleansing report #117). Currently, all three of these reports are showing the old High School Assessment requirements which included passing the HSA English and Algebra assessments which have been replaced by PARCC.   For schools applying C60 or C62 for 5th year seniors for January 22, see below for directions.  Also included below are the updated MSDE graduation requirements for 5th year and Cohort SY 12-13 seniors who are on track to graduate June 2016.  The Achievement and Accountability Office will work with schools to manually certify January graduates while updates are made to SMS in time for the June graduation validation process. If you have questions regarding potentially eligible 5th year seniors please email Michelle Mullen in the Achievement and Accountability Office to ensure these students are offered graduation or are aligned in the correct path of study to complete their graduation requirements.    

    MSDE Graduation Requirements for 5th year and Cohort SY 12-13 seniors set to graduate June 2016 (click here for the comprehensive list of MSDE graduation requirements).

    ·         Earn a minimum of 21 credits that include the following:

    o   English: 4 credits including English I (9), English II (10), English III (11), and English IV (12)

    o   Math: 3 credits including Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II

    o   Science: 3 credits including Biology (1 credit) and science courses with laboratory experience(2 credits)

    o   Social Studies: 3 credits including US History, World History, and American Government

    o   4-6 CTE credits (depending on program) and / or 2 Foreign Language credits 

    ·         Meet the 75 Student Service Learning Hours

    ·         Meet the following High School Assessment requirements (NEW!):

    o   Sit for either the HSA or PARCC for both English and Algebra

    o   Sit and pass the HSA BIO  or meet the HSA Biology requirement via bridge or combined score

    §  1208 ALG, ENG, BIO

    §  1206 ALG, BIO, GOV

    §  1190 ENG, BIO, GOV

    §  1202 ENG, ALG, GOV

    o   Note: the HSA Government is not a requirement to sit or to pass for these seniors, however, the HSA Government score can be used towards the combined score.  

    Steps for Applying and Validating C60 or C62 for 5th year seniors (January 2016 graduates):

    1)      For 5th year seniors currently enrolled at your school: pull the Graduation Status Report in SMS to review the above stated requirements. Click here  for guidance on accessing the report in SMS. The current graduation status report will show credits, student service learning hours, and the student’s HSA scores if they sat for the test.  Ignore the graduation status recommendation below the HSA scores as that is outdated and does not reflect the new guidelines.

    a.       If the student does not show to have an HSA score for English or Algebra, then go into Data Link and enter a student ID or name in “Find a Student” (top of the screen). In the Student Profile that comes up, click on the Standardized Tests tab; the next screen should display any PARCC scores, by content, including performance levels, for that student.

    b.      Reminder, the student is required to take the HSA Biology. The student can either meet the HSA Biology requirement by scoring a 400 on the HSA Biology, by completing bridge plan requirements, or combined score (which may take into account a student’s past performance on the HSA Algebra, English, and Government exams).

    c.       Please note, the graduation validation data-cleansing report (no. 117) is still reflecting the outdated requirements.

    2)      If the students have met the requirements based on your review, enter the graduation code (C60 or C62) in the exit status and January 22, 2019 as the end date. Follow this link Graduating Seniors — Enrollment Exit Summer or January for guidance on entering C60 or C62 in SMS. Also, on the students’ SMS Historical page, enter the students’ Graduation Date and Graduation Status, using the date January 22.

    3)      Communication will be released when the transcript is updated with the new MSDE requirements, after this occurs, make a copy of the transcript for your school’s records.

    These steps must be completed by Friday, March 4.  The Achievement and Accountability Office review the C60 and C62 entries for schools and contact the schools directly with any specific issues.  For students whose graduation requirements have been validated by the school and district, the transcript for that student will be updated to reflect that the student has met the graduation requirements.  As such, it is recommended that schools not issue diplomas to 5th year seniors until Monday, March 14 once the graduation validation process is complete.   

    For questions, please email Michelle Mullen in the Achievement and Accountability Office.