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The Re-engagement Center

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Re-engagement Center
The Re-engagement Center (REC) is a new service available to Baltimore City residents. The REC serves as the outreach vehicle to bring students, who have previously dropped out of Baltimore City Public Schools , are at high-risk of dropping out, or have been previously incarcerated, back to the school system and also support students who are in acute crisis. The priority of the center is to help students identify the most appropriate support and educational environment in order to minimize the likelihood of dropping out, as well as, decrease multiple transfers due to significant lack of progress towards high school graduation.

The Re-engagement Center provides students and young and adults with information and placement services in a consolidated location ultimately leading to the attainment of a high school diploma or equivalent. It also links students to variety of school based and community resources.

Re-engagement Center Intake Path

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If you're interested in receiving a High School Diploma or equivalent, then the Re-engagement Center is the place to start. Please feel free to call or visit the Re-engagement Center during business hours, Monday through Friday; an appointment is not necessary, however, you can always call to make sure they have staff awaiting your arrival. 

Baltimore City Public Schools
Re-engagement Center 
200 E. North Ave 
Baltimore, MD 21202
(443) 642-4220