• Energy Conservation Toolkit

    Utility cost is a major portion of our operations budget.  By practicing simple steps stated below on energy conservation we can eliminate waste, save our natural resources, and help the environment, communities and City Schools.  By building energy awareness among students, we can engage them in conserving energy at school and at home.  

    For more information, contact:
    Rajeshri Bachubhay, Energy Specialist
    Joanna Pi-Sunyer, Green Schools Coordinator

    The 2017 PowerDown energy reduction competition is under way!  

    Checklists and things you can do

    Use these checklists with students and staff to review things each group can do to save energy. 
    • School Energy Hub grants from the Baltimore Energy Challenge of up to $1,000 are available each fall for student-led energy awareness and conservation projects. Here are some project ideas.
     Activities to do with your students
    Curriculum and lesson plan ideas
    • Switch has an educator portal with a full-length film, short films, curricula and more. 
    • The US Dept of Energy education toolbox with links to videos, an interactive on-line quiz, directions on building a pizza box oven, and more.  
    • The Alliance to Save Energy provides lesson plans that includes a coloring book, a middle-school light bulb math project, and a high school social studies essay project, among other things.
    • The National Energy Education Development Project's (NEED) educators site includes curriculum by grade and subject, correlations to Common Core and NGSS, resources in Spanish, and PD opportunities. 
    • The US Energy Information Administration hosts Energy Kids including a Teacher Guide with activities by subject and by age.
    For families and your school community
    For businesses surrounding your school
    • Tips for businesses
    • To schedule a free Energy Assessment and receive free energy saving supplies for your business, call 443-869-2614