• Target 25 and school attendance plans

    All principals and assistant principals  |   Deadlines: February 19  

    All school leaders are asked to work with your leadership and attendance teams to review attendance data and identify 25 students (using attached action plan form) who could use additional supports implemented at the school level by Thursday, February 19. The “Target 25” action plan will be an extension of the attendance plan with specific strategies tailored toward targeted groups as well as the targeted individuals. With support of SSLs, this action plan should provide the additional strategies needed to help improve attendance while gaining an understanding of the barriers that have to be addressed. During the first quarter, School Support Liaisons met with attendance and leadership teams to discuss attendance plans. The purpose of these plans was to identify an attendance goal for the year and specific targets, strategies and incentives to be used as whole school initiatives to improve and maintain high attendance rates.

    For questions, please contact your School Support Liaisons.