• January graduation for fifth-year seniors

    High school principals and assistant principals   |    Deadline: February 9     

    Due to the inclement weather, dates have been changed for the January graduation validation process. Note that the official graduation date remains January 22. After the PowerTeacher Gradebook “sync” on Tuesday, February 2, high school principals should work with their teams to complete the following steps by Tuesday, February 9, to insure that 5th-year seniors that are potentially on-track, can graduate in January:
    • Review transcripts to ensure each student has met all graduation requirements
    • Make a copy of the transcript for your school's records
    • Certify each student who has met all requirements, entering January 22 as the graduation date and enrollment end date
    • Ensure that grading calculations in SMS have been run on or after the morning of February 3 
    The graduation validation data-cleansing report (no. 117) is available on eWeb. This report will assist in identifying issues that must be corrected before a student can graduate. For more information on the steps required, consult Graduating Seniors — Enrollment Exit Summer or January and Graduation Status and Date Entry. It is recommended that schools not issue diplomas to 5th-year seniors until Tuesday, February 16, once the graduation validation process is complete. Please review and use the following guidance and order form for requesting graduation materials.

    For questions about the graduation validation process, please email Michelle Mullen in the Achievement and Accountability Office. For questions about ordering graduation materials, please email Jonathan Turner in the Academics Office.