• PARCC score labels

    All leaders   |   Deadline: January 27

    School principals will receive the 2014-15 school year PARCC score labels for students currently enrolled at their schools by Thursday, January 21. In accordance with the Maryland Student Records Manual, schools are required to enter a student’s state mandated test performance score on the Student Record Card 4, Side 1 (SR4, Side 1). Please ensure that all PARCC score labels are placed on the SR4, Side 1 for students tested by Wednesday, January 27. Test performance information may be handwritten on the SR 4, Side 1 card, or use a printed label. It is important to remember that if you have students transferring during the January 25 through February 5 transfer window, please ensure that all information included in a student’s cumulative record folder when sending to the receiving school.

    If you are missing a PARCC score label for students who are currently enrolled in your school, please email OAAAssessments@bcps.k12.md.us. For questions about the maintenance and transfer of a student’s cumulative record folder, please email student records.