• New Office 365 email

    All principals and assistant principals   |   Deadline: February 15 


    In response to the need for greater stability, functionality, and storage, ITD will migrate all email accounts to Office 365 beginning in February. Users will still able to use Outlook from their desktops and laptops, but will also be able to access meetings, contacts, to-do-lists, and email from any device. The Office 365 email accounts will adhere to the 3-year retention policy EHB, Data/Records Retention Program that was adopted in October 2014. Users that have records stored in email that are older than 3 years that need to be retained, will need to move them to another storage medium such as network share drives before the February 2016 migration. More is available on the Office 365 email account features and additional information will be provided prior to the mailbox migration.

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