• School Survey administration

    All principals and assistant principals   |    Deadline: March 7

    The 2016 School Survey administration window opens on Monday, January 11 for staff only and Tuesday, January 19 for students and parents and closes for all on Monday, March 7. This anonymous survey given to students, parents, and staff to help district and school leaders understand what is working well and what needs improvement at their school. During the School Survey administration window, your school’s Survey Coordinator will be receiving weekly updates on your school’s participation rates for students, parents, and staff. Find administration guidance here.
       School Survey Timeline
     January 11 Staff will receive survey link via their City Schools email. The School Survey for staff is only available online.
     January 14
    (please note date change*) 
    School survey paper versions (student and parent in English and Spanish) will be delivered to schools addressed to the principal.
    Note: The School Survey for students has three forms: Grades 3 to 5; Grades 6 to 8; and Grades 9 to 12 which also includes a Title IX Athletics Interest Survey)
    January 15 
    (please note date change*)  
    Survey Coordinators should contact survey@bcps.k12.md.us if the paper surveys have not been delivered.
     January 19 School Survey window opens for students and parents (paper and online versions are available).
    February 29 Deadline for schools to administer School Survey for students by paper and collection of all paper School Survey forms (parents and students) for delivery to the Office of Achievement & Accountability (OAA) by March 7.
    March 7 All School Survey paper forms are due to OAA, Room 203, 200 E. North Ave. Baltimore, MD 21202.
    *Revised dates are different than information shared with Survey Coordinators at the trainings.

    For questions, please email the Achievement and Accountability Office.