• SAT and PSAT reporting

    All leaders   

    CollegeBoard has unveiled a more robust SAT and PSAT score reporting portal available for students, school and district staff. Results from the 2015 PSAT October administration are now available in this portal. The online portal includes the student results, interactive data analyses tools, and even more information about students’ strengths and where they need support as they progress on their paths toward college and careers. Students who provided an email address to CollegeBoard when they tested, will receive an email that their results are available in the portal. Principals will receive an email today after they have received access to the site, and can follow instructions to login. A link to the CollegeBoard site for easier access will also be available on DataLink.

    An additional school staff member, usually the school counselor or college advisor, will also have access to the results. School counselors will receive additional information about accessing information from the portal at their professional development on Monday, January 25. Score reports from the PSAT in October will also be mailed home to students beginning Friday, January 15 directly from CollegeBoard.

    For questions, please email the Achievement and Accountability Office.