• Building safety reminders

    All principals and assistant principals   

    Please review these two important protocols with your staff to ensure safety of all school community members. 

    During the school day
    Please remind all staff, especially teachers, to lock their classroom/office doors when leaving the room for any length of time. All doors should also be locked overnight. Custodians should have keys to any room they need to clean and they should unlock the door at the time of cleaning and relock the door immediately afterwards.

    After school, weekends, and holidays
    • Any staff reporting to the building during these times should follow proper safety procedures; Staff person needs to contact School Police dispatch (410-396-8588) before entering the building stating identity and purpose for entering the building 
    • Upon leaving the building, they should call back to dispatch to inform them that they are leaving and alarming the building 
    • When staff enter buildings during off-hours, they can set off the alarm, and when unfounded, still require police response that take them away from their other duties