• Upcoming surveys

    All principals and assistant principals   |    Deadline: Various

    Please note the following deadlines and work with your school’s survey coordinators on the upcoming School Survey, Student Survey on Teachers, and the 360 Feedback Survey on School Leaders (VAL-ED).
    • School Survey: Anonymous survey for all students, staff, and parents/guardians surrounding your school’s learning environment to school climate. Please note that the student surveys will be administered in the following forms; grades 3-5, grades 6-8, and grades 9-12. Grades 9-12 include a Title IX Athletics Interest Survey. Find administration guidance here.

      Date  Action
       January 11 Staff will receive survey link via their City Schools’ email to complete the School Survey (survey only available for staff online)
       January 11-12 School survey paper versions (student and parent in English and Spanish) will be delivered to schools addressed to the principal
       January 13  Survey coordinators should contact survey@bcps.k12.md.us if the paper surveys have not yet been delivered 
       January 19 School Survey window opens for students and parents (paper and online versions available)
       March 7 All School Survey paper forms due to the Achievement and Accountability Office (200 E. North Ave., Room 203, Baltimore, MD 21202)

    • Student Survey on Teachers: Confidential online survey asking students to provide feedback on individual teachers aligned to the Instructional Framework TEACH indicators. 

      Date  Action
      February 29 Survey Coordinators will be emailed a survey link from the Achievement and Accountability Office asking for confirmation whether their school will/will not participate in the optional Student Survey on Teachers
      March 24 Deadline for indicating school’s plans for participation submitted by the survey coordinator
      April 4-22 Administration window for the School Survey on Teachers  

    • 360 Feedback Survey on School Leaders (VAL-ED): Confidential online survey administered to instructional staff, principals, and ILEDs designed to guide your professional growth for effective improvement. Instructional Staff responses cannot be tied to specific individuals and results from VAL-ED are included in the School Leader Effectiveness Evaluation.

       Date  Action
      Week of January 18 VAL-ED roster verification tool emailed to survey coordinators by the Human Capital Office
      February 5 VAL-ED roster validation deadline for survey coordinators to the Human Capital Office
      Week of February 15 VAL-ED codes emailed to your survey coordinator based on your roster verification  
      March 1 - April 15 VAL-ED Survey administration window
      May 1 Unused codes submission deadline for survey coordinators via online form